Children of the Corn

Not long ago a new book of mine, Another Fine Mess: Life on Tomorrow’s Moon, arrived on little cat feet from Red Hen Press. In other words, it appeared in a silence much like space itself, but I commend it to your attention if for no other reason to learn why the moon is responsible for every thought you’re having right now.

In the meantime check this out (click on it):



And this:


They’re by Midwestern photographer Julie Blackmon, just a few of her very trippy pictures of the young.

More here:

Julie Blackmon’s Website

Limited editions, pricey, but…Ok, I bought one. It was my second foray into buying fine-art photography, the first being this:

A Dennis Stock photo, Eartha Kitt up front, James Dean behind, in a dance class at the Katherine Dunham studio in New York. That’s about as much cool as you can fit into one frame.


Song of the Day: The Tractors



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